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Fibromyalgia and IV Nutrient Infusions
IV Nutritional Therapy

Increased energy and enhanced immune support

Intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy is a method of delivering vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients to the body directly into the bloodstream. Direct delivery to the bloodstream can be up to 10 times more effective than taking vitamins orally. This is because the digestive tract is limited in how much it can absorb at once.

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and certain other nutrients can have an incredibly potent drug-like effect when given directly into a vein, but without the side effects of many prescription medications. All of the nutrients we use are natural and safe to be administered intravenously. IV nutritional therapy may be needed only a few times, or needed periodically for an extended period of time.

What are the side effects of Intravenous Nutritional Therapy?
The most common complications of Intravenous Nutrient therapy include pain, irritation, inflammation or bruising at the injection site. Systemic complications such as an allergy to a substance can occur, but this is rare and is associated when using a solution that contains preservatives. The ingredients used in the IV nutritional therapies do not contain any preservatives. In general, these therapies are very safe, well tolerated and pose minimal if any negative side effects.

How long does the process take?
A small intravenous catheter is temporarily placed into a vein, and the nutrients can be administered slowly over a period of time that is dependent upon the nutrients that are used. For example, some nutrients can be administered over a 5 to 15 minute period; however, most intravenous infusions last approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

How is this better than taking vitamins normally?
IV therapy is particularly relevant since many vitamin and mineral supplements are not well absorbed by the body. For some people, barriers exist in the gastrointestinal tract that prevent adequate absorption. But with IV therapy, we can safely deliver large doses of nutrients safely into a vein that would otherwise not be tolerated if administered orally.

How many treatments are needed?
IV nutritional therapy may be needed only a few times, or needed periodically for an extended period of time. The benefits and specific protocol are dependent on the individual patient and the problem(s) being treated.

How do I get started?
The first step in considering IV nutritional therapy is to schedule a Comprehensive Initial Assessment. With lab results in hand combined with your detailed health history and specific issues, we will outline the specific plan that is most likely to help you improve your health.
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